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HUIDA TECH’s Agricultural Drones Inject New Impetus into The Development of Agricultural Modernization in Brazil

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São José dos Campos, Brazil, October 23, 2023----September 26-28, Super Importadora, the distributor company of Heilongjiang Huida Technology Co., Ltd. (“HUIDA TECH” for short, China's leading manufacturer of Agricultural Drones, Tractor Autopilot Systems and Intelligent Water-Saving Irrigation Systems) in Brazil, attended Brazilian INNOVATION WEEK 2023 with HD540Pro Agricultural Drones, which are totally self-developed by HUIDA TECH, fully demonstrating advanced technologies and strong potential of agricultural industry in front of numerous technological and agricultural companies. During the INNOVATION WEEK, HD540Pro agricultural drones have received a lot of attention with its high-quality and reliable performance, and the company has reached cooperation with some customers. In the future, they will make new achievements together and promote the sustainable development of agriculture jointly.

HD540Pro Agricultural Drones For Sale

Super Importadora attended INNOVATION WEEK 2023 with HD540Pro agricultural drones.

HD540Pro Agricultural Drones are stable in performance and easy in operation, applicable for spreading and spraying in various scenes, such as fields and orchards. They can effectively improve the quality of operations, save water and fertilizer, reduce labor costs, and achieve the goal of increasing production and income. HUIDA TECH has been deeply involved in the agricultural field for many years. Except for the agricultural drones,it also has other self-developed products, like autopilot systems for agricultural machinery, intelligent water-saving irrigation systems, operation monitoring systems, etc., covering the entire process of plowing, planting, managing and harvesting. The company has changed the plant protection method of traditional agriculture from the source, and has realized digital management in the whole process of agriculture -- agronomy standardization, farm workshopization, operation automation and management elaboration.

“HD540Pro agricultural drones bring us great surprises and inject new impetus into the agricultural technology industry. We are confident that with the joint efforts, we will promote the innovation of agricultural ecology and the intelligent development of Brazilian agriculture.” said Victor Mascarenhas, CEO of Super Importadora.

HUIDA TECH has always taken technological innovation as its core competitiveness, it continues to improve and iterate all kinds of intelligent agricultural machinery products, and empower the global agricultural market through products and technologies. Besides, with online remote video support and offline local services and landing support, HUIDA tries its best to meet customer needs and protect the rights and interests of every user openly and transparently.

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