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  • HUIDA TECH’s Agricultural Drones Inject New Impetus into The Development of Agricultural Modernization in Brazil
    September 26-28, Super Importadora, the distributor company of Heilongjiang Huida Technology Co., Ltd. in Brazil, attended Brazilian INNOVATION WEEK 2023 with HD540Pro Agricultural Drones, which are totally self-developed by HUIDA TECH, fully demonstrating advanced technologies and strong potential of agricultural industry in front of numerous technological and agricultural companies.
  • Türkiye Established Drone Accessories Production Line to Reduce Costs
    Due to Turkey's strict policies on the import of agricultural drones and high import fees, the operating costs of Turkish dealers have increased significantly, which has indirectly led to a reduction in the purchasing power of end users and operational difficulties in the dealer's business. After many rounds of communication and a review of policies and operating methods, Huida Tech decided to establish a UAV accessories production line in Turkey.
  • Seven Star Farm Cooperation Case
    Technology empowers the food security of big countries, from mechanization to intelligence. From intelligence to unmanned, Beidahuang Agricultural Co., Ltd. Qixing Branch continues to strengthen the closed-loop construction of the entire chain of unmanned farms by building platforms and introducing technology.
  • Pesticide Spraying Drones For Crop Treatment
    Agricultural drones have grown in popularity in recent years for various applications in the agricultural sector. One of the main purposes of using the HD540pro Agricultural Drone in agriculture is crop treatment, including the application of pesticides and herbicides. These Pesticide Sprayer Drones are equipped with spray systems and are able to precisely target specific areas of the field to apply chemicals to crops, reducing chemical usage, saving costs and enhancing crop health.
  • Enhancing Crop Health with Agricultural Drone Sprayers
    Agricultural drone sprayers have revolutionized the way farmers take care of their crops, leading to enhanced crop health and increased productivity. These cutting-edge devices have gained popularity in recent years, thanks to their numerous benefits and advantages over traditional agricultural meth

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