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HUIDA TECH participated in Agritechnica Asia 2024 held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center from May 22 to 24

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Leading Agriculture Tech Brand HUIDA TECH Brings Smart Solutions to Agritechnica Asia 2024, Anchoring Industry Development and Transformation

Bangkok, Thailand, May 22-May 24, 2024, PRNewswire/-- Heilongjiang Huida Technology Co., Ltd. ("HUIDA TECH" for short), China's leading manufacturer of agricultural drones, tractor autopilot systems and intelligent irrigation systems, brought its flagship agricultural products and solutions including agricultural drones, navigation and intelligent irrigation systems to Agritechnica Asia 2024 that’s taking place from May 22 to 24 in Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

The premier trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment in Asia is jointly hosted by The German Agricultural Society (DLG) and VNU Exhibition Asia Pacific.


With a focus on providing highly efficient agricultural solutions, HUIDA TECH is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of advanced equipment covering the full process of farming and harvesting, which are widely applied in various links of agricultural productions in Thailand.

“HUIDA TECH has long been immersed in the agricultural sector, deeply understanding the practical needs for intelligent equipment. We continually upgrade our R&D and manufacturing capabilities and establish a global sales and service network. Leveraging our strong R&D and supply chain advantages, we focus on innovation and intelligent technology to transform traditional agriculture, ensuring precision, automation, and intelligent operation,” said Faye Liang, head of HUIDA TECH Asia-Pacific Region.


Smart drone solution to boost efficiency, accuracy, and safety in agriculture

HUIDA TECH’s latest 540S agricultural drone has greatly enhanced the function and performance with the current HD540Pro as the foundation, especially optimizing the spraying, sowing, avionics control, and electricity to meet the needs of various application scenarios. A safeguard for farms, the 540S will achieve safer, more precise, and more efficient agricultural operations including sowing and spraying.

Notably, HUIDA TECH has achieved independent R&D of all core components, allowing for comprehensive management of the product's development process.

Navigating bigger crop yield with precision

HUIDA TECH has developed the HD408 navigation agricultural machinery autopilot system that realizes high-precision positioning, inertial navigation, automatic control for operations including sowing, furrowing, mulching, ridging and more.

The HD408 not only operates nonstop around the clock, but also effectively improves land utilization, operating accuracy, efficiency while boosting crop yield and economic benefits.

Smart irrigation solution to conserve resources and costs

By integrating intelligent monitoring and control equipment with software, HUIDA TECH’s intelligent irrigation system accurately controls the entire irrigation process from the pump room to the field – with real-time status monitoring of the crop growth, pests and diseases, and soil environment that’s coupled with agronomic, crop, and soil modeling to provide growers the scientific insight to make decisions and optimizing the planting management. The system is expected to save 30 percent of water, 15 percent of fertilizer, and labor by 80 percent to improve crop yield while lowering operating costs.

Thailand is the most important agricultural country in Southeast Asia, it’s the world’s No.1 producer of natural rubber, a top rice exporter, and a major country producing and exporting cash crops including cassava, sugar cane, and corn.

“The market is presenting both challenges and opportunities, for HUIDA TECH, we will focus on not only promoting intelligent product development, but also advancing the localization of our products, services, and solutions in the Southeast Asian market,” said Liang.

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