HD408 Autopilot Navigation

China's No.1 Market Share Autopilot Navigation System Manufacturer
Motor Steering Wheel
Intelligent Navigation Terminal
Gyroscope Angle Sensor
GNSS Antenna
Rear View Camera
Vehicle Body Attitude Sensor
​​​​​​​Continuous Work
Unrestricted by visibility, continuous work, improvingthe efficiency of agricultural machinery operations.
Raise The Efficiency Of The Landing Use
Intelligent planning of operation paths, centimeter-level precision controlreducing heavy and missed tillage, and maximizing land utilization.
Reduce Labor Intensity
Excessively reduce the attention on the forward path and have moreenergy to pay attention to the operating status of agricultural machinery.
Reduce Labor Requirements
Lower the driver's technical threshold and improve the quality of work.
For All Farming Seasons
1 Harrowing
2 Sowing
3 Spraying
4 Harvesting
Product Features
Accuracy ±2.5cm Accuracy

Modular Design


Support ISOBUS

3 Simple installation and calibration
4 Automatic U-turn
5 RTK cm-level Positioning
pdf Supports importing pdf, doc and other file formats
6 Extensible System

2.5cm Accuracy

With high-precision navigation technologies, HD408 easily assists your tractor to deliver 2.5cm accuracy from pass to pass, under conditions of poor visibility and even at night.

Modular Design

Easier to install and maintain.

Quick Installation and Calibration

HD408 is easy to install on most of agriculture machines within 30 min and calibration within 3 minutes.

RTK Base Station Precise Positioning

3km, 12km, 30km range RTK base stations are available.

Simple Operation InterfaceI

Multilingual support.

Multiple Working Mode Options

Adapt to more terrain.

Adapt to A Variety of Job Scenarios

Adapt to a variety of job scenarios.
System Expansion

Satellite Flatearth System

  • Standard farmland construction
  • Soil Erosion Restoration
  • Slope-Terrace Reconstruction

Operation Monitoring System

  • Operation Depth Monitoring
  • Operating Area Statistics
  • Vehicle and Equipment Management

Rice Transplanter Autopilot Steering System

  • Convenient control panel
  • Turn around with one key on the ground
  • Reduce the number of people on board
Expandable Function
Support the installation of leveling syetem, operation monitoring system, rice transplanter automatic driving system, agricultural machinery unmanned driving system, multi-functional portable device.
Design features Highly integrated, modular design
Satellite antenna solution Support single-antenna and dual-antenna solutions
Controller type Support motor steering wheel control or hydraulic control
Working precision ±2.5cm/km
Operating speed range 0.1-30km/h
Value-added function Position mark, real scene map operation, quick adjustment of handover line, reset point B, intelligent voice prompt, remote control control, farm tool control, plot network sharing, one-key U-turn, restoration of AB line, network diagnosis
Work mode AB straight line, parallel curve, diagonal rake, circular pattern, back pattern
Model adaptation Wheeled tractors, crawler tractors, articulated tractors, harvesters, rice transplanters, green storage machines, plant protection machines, etc.
Job type adaptation Ridging operation, sowing operation, film mulching operation, intertillage operation, harvesting operation, ditching operation, plant protection operation, etc.
Work scenario adaptation Hard ground scene, soft ground scene, sandy ground scene, slope scene, composite scene
System scalability Support the expansion of satellite leveling system, operation monitoring system, rice transplanter automatic driving system, agricultural machinery unmanned driving system, multi-functional portable treasure
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