To Promote and Implement Intelligent Agriculture in the World
  • Huida 408 Agricultural Machinery Navigation will be Fully Upgraded in 2024!
    Huida's agricultural machinery automatic driving system uses high-precision positioning, inertial navigation and automatic control technology to achieve centimeter-level high-precision walking control of agricultural machinery. Improve operation accuracy, efficiency, land utilization, reduce manpower requirements and cost input, and are widely used in agricultural operations such as ridging, plowing, spraying, and sowing, significantly improving output and economic benefits.
  • Precautions for Using Tractor GPS Guidance Systems
    As agriculture continues to embrace technological innovation, Tractor GPS Guidance Systems have become an indispensable tool for the modern farmer. These systems utilize global positioning technology to provide precision and efficiency in field operations. However, while these systems bring many benefits, farmers must be aware of certain precautions to ensure optimal and safe utilization of Tractor GPS Guidance Systems.
  • Tractor Automatic Steering System Leads Future Field Agriculture
    In the field of modern agriculture, technological innovation is reshaping the landscape, and one of the breakthrough advancements is Tractor Automatic Steering Navigation, also known as tractor automatic steering navigation. This transformative technology not only brings convenience to farmers; This is a paradigm shift in the way we do field farming. Huida Tech also welcomes you to learn about the HD408 Autopilot Navigation System at any time.
  • Smart Irrigation and Water Management Solutions for Field Agriculture
    Agriculture is the backbone of our society, feeding billions of people and contributing to economic growth. However, traditional farming practices rely heavily on conventional irrigation methods that often waste significant amounts of water. In the face of climate change and water scarcity, it is crucial to adopt innovative solutions that optimize irrigation and enhance water management.
  • Huida in Indonesia
    Huida in Indonesia - HD540Pro Agricultural Drone makes agriculture smarter and simpler. Huida Tech has always been a leader in smart agriculture, and its products have been applied on a large scale in more than 50 countries around the world, empowering the healthy development of global agriculture. We take it as our mission to promote and implement smart agriculture around the world. Now our Huida Tech technicians are providing technical support and training to customers in Indonesia, allowing Huida Tech customers to get started operating the HD540Pro Agricultural Drone faster and better.
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