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  • HD540Pro Agricultural Drone: Changing Corn Management in Mexico
    The use of Ag Spray Drones has become extremely popular in recent years as farmers and growers seek innovative ways to improve crop management and increase productivity. In Mexico, agricultural drones are widely used for corn management, especially the HD540Pro agricultural drone. Mexico is one...
  • How Does PPP Technology Help HD408 Autopilot Steering System Achieve Precision Agriculture?
    Today, with the synergy of RTK+GNSS, various automatic steering systems can assist most agricultural machinery in achieving centimeter-level accuracy. However, in areas without Internet coverage and base station infrastructure, RTK signals cannot reach and ideal operating accuracy cannot be achieved. The HD408 Autopilot Steering System developed by HUIDA TECH uses Satellite-PPP Differential Positioning technology to overcome this problem, with an operating accuracy of up to ±1.5CM. Unlike RTK base stations...
  • Issues That Focus on The Development of The Agricultural Drone Industry
    The development of the Agricultural Drone industry needs to focus on the following issues: 1. Regulations and PoliciesIn terms of purpose of use, Agricultural Drones are Agricultural Equipment and are managed by the agricultural department; when they spray pesticides, there are potential environment...
  • Three Major Uses of HUIDA TECH Land Leveling System
    Three main uses of the HUIDA TECH Land Leveling System: 1. Standard Farmland Construction:HUIDA TECH Land Leveling System plays a vital role in standard farmland construction by ensuring proper grading and leveling of agricultural land...
  • The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo -- HUIDA TECH
    The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo and World Irrigation Technology Conference will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center from March 31 to April 2, 2024. Share the latest agricultural and garden irrigation technology, theory and practical experience, open up new...
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