To Implement Intelligent Agriculture in the World
  • Self-Operated Standardized Farm
    Relying on Huida's mature and complete software and hardware system, the most practical verified unmanned farm solution. Mainly focusing on the five major systems of standardization of agricultural operations, visualization of agronomic standards, workshop-based farmland facilities, professionalization of farmers' operations, and lean farm management, we achieve large-scale efficient planting management in large fields, and the quality, cost, delivery, and safety of the entire planting production process are controllable in a closed loop. Read More
  • Seven Star Farm Cooperation Case
    Technology empowers the food security of big countries, from mechanization to intelligence. From intelligence to unmanned, Beidahuang Agricultural Co., Ltd. Qixing Branch continues to strengthen the closed-loop construction of the entire chain of unmanned farms by building platforms and introducing technology. Read More

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