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  • Q What is the spray radiation of the HD540pro drone?

    A The spray width of the aircraft can reach 10 meters.
  • Q What is the capacity of the HD540pro drone?

    A 40L spraying, 60L (maximum 50KG) spreading
  • Q How long can a sprayer drone fly on one battery charge?

    A 2.1 kilowatt ultra-large capacity smart battery, optional 8 kilowatt dedicated generator, extremely fast charging within 10 minutes.
  • Q How accurate is the GPS?

    A Within inches. The standard GPS on the drones is unique in pulling signal from about 18 to 26 satellites using three sources, GNSS, GLONASS and Galileo, simultaneously.

    Most people find the standard GPS more than enough. However, if you want more precision, the drone is set up for real-time kinematic (RTK), which limits inaccuracy to centimeters. You can purchase Huida Technology RTK equipment for signal supplementation.
  • Q What is the line-of-sight control distance?



  • Q How do I operate a sprayer drone system?

    A In general, for a whole field operation, there are six steps:

    1. Make sure you have a good including generator, premixed tank with pump on site.
    2. Map your field boundaries. This can be done ahead of time creating shape files, on the remote using aerial imagery, or on-site with the drone or remote.
    3. Set your parameters for that operation (flight height, direction, speed, and application rate).
    4. Tell the drone how much to spray and set it for takeoff.
    5. The drone will fly and return to home autonomously or can be landed manually.

    The drone can be flown in manual or manual + modes for spot application.

  • Q What happens if the drone flies towards a tree, building or any other type of obstruction?

    A The standard 360-degree rotating millimeter-wave radar can effectively realize obstacle avoidance and ground defense operations, and can also operate smoothly on complex terrain.
  • Q How difficult are sprayer drones to operate?

    A All our sprayer drones feature incredibly intuitive software and controls for both manual operation and fully autonomous operation. That’s right! Our drones will not only fly but spray/spread completely by themselves. You simply input a field boundary and its parameters. Boundaries can be imported from shapefiles or manually created on the remote.

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