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HUIDA TECH is Exhibiting at The 24th CAC!

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"China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (abbreviation: CAC Exhibition)" is a national and even global agrochemical event. It will be the 24th in 2024. It will be held from March 13 to 15 at 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai. No. National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)). This year, CAC will welcome nearly 2,000 companies from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, nearly 20,000 companies will visit, and about 65,000 professionals will gather in the agrochemical world.

HUIDA TECH is Exhibiting at The 24th CAC

As an old friend of the CAC Exhibition, Huida Tech warmly meets at the 12B51 Exhibition in Hall 1.2, looking forward to discussing business and development with everyone, and building a road for the future of Chinese agriculture.

At this Exhibition, Huida Tech exhibited independently developed intelligent agricultural machinery products, including Agricultural Drones, HD408 Satellite Navigation Agricultural Machinery Automatic Driving Systems, and Intelligent Irrigation Systems, covering all stages of the entire cultivation, management and harvesting process, and various products with outstanding performance. It attracted many domestic and foreign customers to visit, consult and negotiate, and Huida Tech staff present gave detailed introductions to them.

HUIDA TECH is Exhibiting at The 24th CAC

HUIDA TECH is Exhibiting at The 24th CAC

HUIDA TECH is Exhibiting at The 24th CAC

Especially for the well-known Agricultural Drone HD540Pro, Huida Tech technicians demonstrated in detail to customers at home and abroad around spraying systems, seeding systems, radars, image transmission and other aspects. Interested friends can take advantage of the time to go to The 24th CAC Exhibition to learn about Huida Tech smart agricultural machinery!

In the agricultural field, smart agricultural machinery, as an innovative technology, is reshaping agricultural production and management in an unprecedented way. In the "farming" link, agricultural machinery operation monitoring terminals, agricultural machinery automatic driving systems and other products improve the accuracy and quality of operations through high-precision positioning of satellite navigation; in the "planting" link, the intelligent seeding system realizes real-time monitoring of sowing status, ensuring sowing accuracy and improving seedling emergence. efficiency, laying a solid foundation for increasing grain production; in the "management" link, plant protection drones are used in multiple scenarios such as fertilizer spreading and spraying, and the intelligent irrigation system solves the precise control of "fertilization and irrigation" from the head to the field, helping the country to support tens of millions of tons Grain production increase plan; in the "harvesting" process, the harvester is equipped with satellite navigation to improve efficiency and accurately harvest grain.

In the spring of March, the vegetation is sprouting. It is the season of spring plowing preparations, and smart agricultural machinery has become the protagonist of the modern agriculture stage. Tap the screen to achieve efficient and convenient unmanned operations, and check the data to know the growth status of crops... Huida Tech is also constantly updating and upgrading agricultural technology and equipment, using intelligence to sing the song of revitalization of modern agriculture to improve quality and efficiency, and contribute the strength of Chinese enterprises to the sustainable development of global agriculture.

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