To Promote and Implement Intelligent Agriculture in the World
  • Cotton Field Mulching In Yuli County, Xinjiang
    Manual film covering: low efficiency, low precision, high requirements on theoperator's operating technology, and improper operation will affect the salesof the entire field of cash crops in the later stage.Agricultural machinery operation with Huida navigation installed: labor-sav-ing, high efficie Read More
  • Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir Sowing Application
    Manual operation: Uneven row spacing, too sparse crops will waste land; toodense crops will not grow, reducing costs and benefits.Agricultural machinery operation with Huida navigation installed: :1.5cmhigh-precision operation can allow crops to be sown evenly. After uniformsowing, the use of... Read More
  • Paddy fields in Dajiangdong, Hangzhou
    Manual transplanting: one person drives, two people add seedlings, and work at least 15 to 20 days on a 35-hectare field. Rice transplanter with Huida navigation installed: After the user sets the navigation parameters of the agricultural machinery, the rice transplanter will automatically start ope Read More
  • Huida Tech Cooperates with ЛегендАгро Приморье to Empower Russian Agriculture
    ​ЛегендАгро Приморье is a multinational agricultural resource integration operator focusing on Russia and the CIS region. At present, a vertical agricultural industry chain integrating planting, grain drying, warehousing, logistics, port transshipment, and international trade has been formed in Russia. Russia has a vast area of arable land and fertile soil. Combining its own development with the efficiency and production increase of Russian agriculture, ЛегендАгро Приморье selected Huida Tech as a comprehensive strategic partner in the Far East region after multiple rounds of inspections and comparisons. Read More

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