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The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo -- HUIDA TECH

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The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo and World Irrigation Technology Conference will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center from March 31 to April 2, 2024. Share the latest agricultural and garden irrigation technology, theory and practical experience, open up new frontiers of irrigation technology, promote the sustainable development of global water-saving irrigation production, and push the global irrigation industry to new heights.

At this meeting, HUIDA TECH reached strategic cooperation with China Telecom.

The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo

At the same time, the conference held an award event for HUIDA TECH for the "Excellent Brand in Irrigation and Strengthening Agriculture". The expert jury of the conference selected and evaluated from four dimensions: the world's leading cutting-edge water-saving irrigation technology; innovative solutions that are in line with China's practical applications; digital and intelligent products and equipment that promote industry innovation; and user-reliable service guarantee systems, and ultimately benefit Da Technology stood out among many outstanding companies and won the "Expert Nomination".

The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo

Being nominated by experts for the "Excellent Brand for Irrigation and Strengthening Agriculture" this time is recognition of HUIDA TECH's long-term professional contributions and outstanding performance, and is also an affirmation of the company's continued promotion of agricultural modernization. This honor is not only recognition of past achievements, but also expectations and encouragement for future development.

The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo

Based on agriculture, HUIDA TECH is the world's leading provider of efficient field planting solutions. It integrates the Internet of Things, sensors, AI, etc. with agricultural machinery to achieve intelligent upgrades at all stages of farming, planting, management, and harvesting, and fully promotes scientific and technological agriculture and green agriculture. Agriculture, brand agriculture, quality agriculture. Intelligent Irrigation Solutions, as part of an efficient planting solution, features an integrated design of water and fertilizer, allowing farmers to more accurately determine the timing and dosage of irrigation and fertilization. The intelligent “handheld” cloud operation also allows farmers to become “conductors”.

The 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo

The Intelligent Irrigation System consists of six system modules: a terminal management software system composed of a mobile app and a PC platform, a field valve control system, a fertilization control system, a pump room control system, a perception monitoring system, and an agricultural water metering system. The software and hardware systems are fully covered. Meet the complete needs for intelligent upgrade of field irrigation, garden irrigation, and greenhouse irrigation.

Through the combination of intelligent monitoring and control equipment and software, we can accurately control the supply of water and fertilizer from the pump room to the field, and provide real-time monitoring of crop growth, pests and diseases, and soil environment, combined with agronomic models, crop models, and soil models, to provide farmers with scientific information. The auxiliary decision-making plan optimizes the planting management process, saving a total of about 30% of water, about 15% of fertilizers, and about 80% of labor, achieving the effect of stabilizing and increasing the yield of food crops.

In the future, HUIDA TECH will continue to give full play to its professional advantages in the agricultural field with a rigorous, steady and rational attitude, contribute more to global agricultural development, and inject new vitality into my country's agricultural modernization process.

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