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Vientiane Is "ploughing" New, HD408 Injects Vitality into Spring Plowing

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Vientiane is "ploughing" new, HD408 injects vitality into spring plowing

The spring breeze is blowing in the fertile fields, and it is the right time for spring ploughing. In the vast farmland, equipment equipped with navigation agricultural machinery automatic driving system has become the "protagonist" in the spring ploughing battlefield. One agricultural machinery after another gallops on the fertile fields, which not only improves the efficiency of spring ploughing preparation, but also saves a lot of manpower and time for farmers.

The HD408 Autopilot Steering System independently developed by Huida Technology has equipped agricultural machinery with a "smart brain" with an operating accuracy of ±2.5cm, allowing farmers to operate more accurately during the farming process. Whether it is sowing, fertilizing or harvesting, it can be done accurately. This not only improves the yield and quality of crops, but also reduces the waste of resources.3

The automatic driving technology of agricultural machinery makes spring ploughing preparation easier and more efficient. Farmers only need to set the operation route in the field, and the agricultural machinery can automatically complete the farming task, avoiding the errors and fatigue of human operation. At the same time, the automatic driving technology can also improve the operation safety of agricultural machinery and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

After years of market verification, HD408 is a good partner for farmers in production during the working season.

Rich operation modes, quick start

HD408 can perform a variety of operation modes such as straight line, curve, circle, diagonal harrowing, A+ straight line, etc. to meet the application scenarios required by farmers. In particular, the diagonal harrowing function is frequently used in actual operations in Xinjiang. It can better break up large clods of soil, mix the soil more evenly, make the land more flat, and the operation speed and quality are guaranteed.


Three-dimensional signal solution, more stable signal

HD408 supports network communication, radio communication, and satellite communication as differential data broadcasting methods. It selects the type of differential base station according to the location, fully ensuring that Huida's high-precision positioning products have no blind spots and more stable output. Free satellite-based PPP differential positioning method, you can choose Galileo system, even in network blind spots can be used.


Recently, Huida staff conducted signal testing in Rostov Oblast, Russia. HD408 satellite-based PPP service supports tractors to work stably and efficiently in network blind spots with vast areas and sparse population.


Multi-function wired handle, one handle for multiple uses

The multi-function wire control handle can be used for multiple purposes, supporting common operations such as the automatic driving system and the leveling system. It also provides a more convenient system operation experience, supports one-key U-turn and one-key quick job creation, and realizes touch-free operation throughout the process. It is also compatible with both handheld and fixed installation modes, and can be used in different work scenarios. The handle has a built-in backlight, which is convenient for operation in a dark working environment.

According to feedback from a large number of farmers, the custom function of the handle's buttons can be set to drag left and right. After setting, clicking the buttons on the left and right sides can easily drag the route left and right, providing great convenience for operations.

Remote debugging, easy maintenance

During the busy farming season, time is the most precious thing. The most feared thing during the operation is that the system fails and cannot be repaired. HD408 Huida Agricultural Service APP provides users with more value-added services for free, including online vehicle search, operation record query, pocket treasure application, mutual transmission of plots and routes, after-sales service and other diversified user value-added services.

Huida Partner APP supports remote desktop assistance, equipment management, version upgrades, equipment repair, etc. for dealers. At the same time, remote operation and maintenance can access the user system interface in real time to assist users in handling system failures and system debugging online, which is faster and more convenient, saving travel time for maintenance, and remotely helping farmers solve software problems of agricultural machinery navigation. A strong service team makes maintenance asier.


In the future, Huida Technology will continue to optimize and upgrade its products and services, strive for excellence, and further stimulate market vitality, becoming a good helper for more farmers in agricultural production, helping them to reduce costs and increase efficiency, save time and effort, and contribute to the development of global smart agriculture.

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