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Smart Empowerment, Zhangwu County Creates A "golden Belt" To Increase Corn Yield

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On April 24, a national corn yield improvement project promotion meeting was held in Zhangwu County, Fuxin City. Relevant responsible persons from the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs attended the event and delivered speeches. Hu Tao, secretary of the municipal party committee, delivered a speech. Zhou Guochun, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, attended related activities. Zhu Wenbo, secretary of the party group and director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, delivered a speech.

The meeting aims to implement the important decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee on food security, summarize the experience and problems of the national corn yield improvement project last year, and arrange this year's work.

During the meeting, representatives from 12 provinces in China visited the intelligent control demonstration area and key research and demonstration area in Wufeng Town, Zhangwu County, and the convenient water-fertilizer integration promotion area in Xinglongbao Town, and exchanged experiences in corn production.



Since last year, the demonstration areas of corn yield improvement projects across the country have achieved large-scale corn yield increases by adopting close planting precision control technology, exploring the potential of variety density increase, and improving agronomic level. Last year, 406,000 mu of corn yield improvement projects were implemented in Zhangwu County and Kalaqin Left Banner Mongolian Autonomous County, with an average of 937 kg per mu and an increase of 310 kg. The corn yield improvement project implemented in the Zhangwu project area achieved an average increase of 340 kg per mu, accumulating experience that can be used as a reference for the implementation of corn yield improvement projects in other desertified land areas.

Huida Technology's intelligent irrigation system combines intelligent monitoring and control equipment with software to accurately control the supply of water and fertilizer from the pump room to the field, and conducts real-time monitoring of corn growth, pests and diseases, and soil environment. It combines agronomic models, crop models, and soil models to provide scientific decision-making support solutions and optimize the corn planting and management process to achieve the goals of saving water, increasing efficiency, and increasing production.

In addition to the intelligent irrigation system, Huida Technology exhibited the HD408 Autopilot Steering system. Through high-precision positioning, inertial navigation and automatic control technology, it can achieve centimeter-level high-precision walking control of agricultural machinery, improve operation accuracy, efficiency, and land utilization, reduce manpower requirements and cost investment, and is widely used in agricultural operations such as ridging, plowing, spraying, and sowing, significantly improving output and

economic benefits.



With the continuous development of science and technology, smart agriculture has become an inevitable trend in today's agricultural development and an important way to achieve agricultural modernization and sustainable development. Huida Technology will use professional and reliable products and a constantly pursuing attitude to build a brand image for Huida Technology in this era, serve the people, benefit people's livelihood, and truly promote and implement global agricultural intelligence!

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