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HD540Pro Manages Orchards Both Environmentally Friendly and Economical

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Although drone plant protection has been widely used in China, many overseas growers still have doubts about whether it is effective and will it damage the fruit? Is it possible to cure a fruit tree that has a rapid disease like spider mites?

In the past year, Huida Tech employees have gone deep into foreign users to understand and record their thoughts and experiences on using HD540Pro Agricultural Drone for crop protection, and will continue to compile and share practical and innovative agricultural solutions.

HD540Pro Manages Orchards

“In my orchard, spider mites can be prevented, but there are other pests and diseases that cannot be prevented.” This is Mr. John’s criterion for judging the HD540Pro Agricultural Drone’s ability to manage orchards.

HD540Pro Manages Orchards

As we all know, spider mites are an extremely stubborn pest and disease of citrus trees. The reason is that it reproduces quickly and often hides on the back of leaves. It is easy to develop resistance to pesticides, making it difficult to control and causing great harm.

The spray system of HD540Pro Agricultural Drone can effectively make the liquid adhere to the front and back of the blade through "wind and mist synchronization", and cooperate with its imitation function to reduce mist drift.

For fruit farmers, being able to fly autonomously in complex orchard terrain is the threshold for choosing plant protection tools, and being able to prevent and control pests and diseases is a basic requirement. Whether the harvested fruits are smooth and bright is the final answer to the annual planting and management of fruit trees.

The atomizing nozzle equipped with HD540Pro Agricultural Drone not only ensures the plant protection effect, but also maintains the "appearance" of the fruit.

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