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Türkiye Established Drone Accessories Production Line to Reduce Costs

Views: 0     Author: Huida Tech     Publish Time: 2023-09-12      Origin: Site

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Türkiye Established Drone Accessories Production Line

Due to Turkey's strict policies on the import of agricultural drones and high import fees, the operating costs of Turkish dealers have increased significantly, which has indirectly led to a reduction in the purchasing power of end users and operational difficulties in the dealer's business.

After many rounds of communication and a review of policies and operating methods, Huida Tech decided to establish a UAV accessories production line in Turkey. It eventually formed a model of importing core parts from China, processing some parts locally, and integrating localized production lines. Turkish market, thereby reducing tax pressure, reducing customer purchase costs, greatly improving sales possibilities, achieving good local operations, and simultaneously accelerating the local turnover efficiency of accessories and after-sales services.

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