To Promote and Implement Intelligent Agriculture in the World

HUIDA In Vietnam

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HUIDA In Vietnam——with HD408 Autopilot Navigation System and HD540Pro Agricultural Drone, Making Farming Smarter And Easier

HUIDA has always been a leader in smart agriculture, selling products to more than 30 countries and regions. We regard it as our responsibility to promote and implement intelligent agriculture in the world. Now our Huida Tech technicians are in Vietnam, making modern agriculture smarter and easier.

HD408 Autopilot Navigation System

HD540 Pro Agricultural Drone

In addition to the world-class products developed by our Huida Tech, Huida is also committed to providing customers with professional agricultural drone operation and agricultural automatic driving navigation training services and after-sales maintenance services. Since the first day our Huida Tech technical staff arrived in Vietnam, they have been continuously providing technical support training to customers and solving customer problems. We, Huida Tech, do our best to serve global customers and help them train talents to operate modern agricultural machinery.

HD540 Pro Agricultural Drone

HD540 Pro Agricultural Drone

We always believe that with high-quality products and dedicated after-sales service, HUIDA will be able to gain more and more praise and customers, so as to promote and implement intelligent agriculture in the world. HUIDA will continue to carry out technological innovations and contribute to the world.

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