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Huida 408 Agricultural Machinery Navigation will be Fully Upgraded in 2024!

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1.Signal Enhancement

1.1 Comes standard with a new dual-SIM four-network full-operator coverage solution to comprehensively improve regional network applicability

1.2 Choose Dipple antenna to improve signal reception capability, the signal will be stronger and more stable.

1.3 The 408 satellite-based vertical and horizontal version with direct satellite connection is optional to meet the navigation problems in areas without network.

Signal Enhancement

2. Simple Installation

2.1 Factory modular pre-installation, installation efficiency increased by 30%

2.2 Solution without front wheel angle sensor (optional for special models)

Simple Installation

Hardware composition of the 2024 autonomous driving system

3. More Features

3.1 Added new circular and A+ linear operation modes and newly upgraded intelligent diagonal ground path planning 2.0

3.2 Added automatic U-turn functional components and ISO BUS functional components to realize high-end navigation expansion applications

3.3 The one-click U-turn or automatic U-turn mode can be switched according to the operation mode. It supports various U-turn modes such as bow, semicircle, fishtail shape, pear shape, etc., and provides a complete plot for the implementation of line-tapping operations, cross-row operations, and set-row operations. Path planning and autonomous driving operations

ISO BUS function

ISO BUS function, supports a variety of mainstream agricultural tools

3.4 Member units of the AEF Association support a variety of mainstream machinery brands and gain a complete experience in various types of agricultural tools such as sowing, plant protection, and fertilization.

Member units of the AEF Association

4. More Complete Supporting Facilities

4.1 Support autonomous driving, satellite leveling, etc.

4.2 Multi-system control combined line control method

4.3 Accurate delivery of operations

control handle

Control Handle

5. Experience Better

The software algorithm has been fully upgraded, with higher accuracy and stronger anti-interference. The overall system performance is 30% higher than the previous generation.

      a. One-step initialization

      b. Quick entry

      c. Higher accuracy

      d. The handover is stable

      e. Anti-interference

6. Better Service

6.1 The Huida Multi-Function Portable APP has been fully upgraded to the Huida Agricultural Services APP. In addition to being used with the Portable APP, it also includes a series of products covering equipment status, operation statistics, land management and after-sales of automatic driving systems and agricultural drone products. Value-added services

Huida Multi-Function Portable APP

6.2 Added remote desktop assistance function to remotely intervene in system operations and quickly eliminate usage abnormalities

remote desktop assistance function

Huida's agricultural machinery automatic driving system uses high-precision positioning, inertial navigation and automatic control technology to achieve centimeter-level high-precision walking control of agricultural machinery. Improve operation accuracy, efficiency, land utilization, reduce manpower requirements and cost input, and are widely used in agricultural operations such as ridging, plowing, spraying, and sowing, significantly improving output and economic benefits.

After years of continuous polishing and optimization, Huida Technology focuses on user experience and continuously optimizes software and hardware; it is committed to providing Chinese farmers with solutions in more scenarios!

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