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How Does PPP Technology Help HD408 Autopilot Steering System Achieve Precision Agriculture?

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Today, with the synergy of RTK+GNSS, various automatic steering systems can assist most agricultural machinery in achieving centimeter-level accuracy. However, in areas without Internet coverage and base station infrastructure, RTK signals cannot reach and ideal operating accuracy cannot be achieved. The HD408 Autopilot Steering System developed by HUIDA TECH uses Satellite-PPP Differential Positioning technology to overcome this problem, with an operating accuracy of up to ±1.5CM. Unlike RTK base stations, PPP does not require the assistance of fixed base stations, thus saving the time and cost of setting up base stations and providing greater operational flexibility. Through Satellite-PPP differential positioning technology, the HD408 Autopilot Steering System can achieve centimeter-level precision agriculture. In remote areas or areas with complex terrain, it can ensure better accuracy and save labor and agricultural input costs.

Satellite-PPP helps precision agriculture

How PPP Technology Works

PPP is a GNSS positioning method that can calculate very precise positions, with errors as small as a few centimeters under good conditions. Today, PPP and RTK technologies are widely used in high-precision satellite positioning and navigation. Among them, RTK is developed from differential positioning technology and requires the erection of base stations. Its positioning effect decreases significantly as the distance between the user and the base station increases. PPP technology is developed from non-differential positioning technology. It is a global positioning technology that collects satellite information through base stations distributed around the world, corrects orbit errors, satellite clock errors, etc., and obtains dynamic decimeter-level precision positioning.

HD408 Autopilot Steering System Helps Global Precision Agriculture Through PPP Technology

The HD408 Autopilot Steering System is equipped with a GNSS receiver to receive positioning, direction and vehicle angle information for better control of the tractor autosteer. The positioning signal is strong and supports multiple navigation systems such as GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO. In addition, HD408 tractor guidance systems are equipped with a built-in IMU in the GNSS receiver, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the automatic steering process. Therefore, after installing a GNSS receiver, the HD408 tractor gps system is not only suitable for standard square sites, but can also plan turnaround paths based on complex boundaries and automatically generate edge paths for U-turns. It can perform various operating modes such as straight line, curve, circle, diagonal rake, A+ straight line and so on.

Satellite-PPP helps precision agriculture

With Satellite-PPP differential positioning technology, HD408 agriculture gps systems can ensure accuracy even in areas without base stations. In addition, it can improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, meet the speed range of 0.1-28km/h, have excellent ultra-low speed and high-speed operation results, and save about 15% of crop and fertilizer inputs.

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