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Beidou Agricultural Machinery Automatic Driving System - HD408

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Huida Technology's new generation Beidou navigation agricultural machinery automatic driving system HD408 Autopilot Navigation is a new Agricultural Machinery Automatic Driving System developed based on Huida's traditional advantages in field precision agriculture and many years of industry experience. The system adopts a modular design solution to provide excellent adaptability to various types of agricultural machinery and meet the needs of various operating scenarios, such as driverless tractors in farming, Self-Driving Navigation Tractor, etc. In addition, the system also has rich scalability and can simultaneously implement multiple product-level applications such as satellite leveling systems and operation monitoring systems, providing users with multi-dimensional integrated product solutions.

With the continuous development of science and technology, traditional agriculture has gradually entered the era of intelligence. As a high-tech agricultural equipment, the Beidou agricultural machinery automatic navigation system has been widely used. This article will introduce in detail the working principle, characteristics and applications of the Beidou agricultural machinery automatic navigation system.

Agricultural Machinery Automatic Driving System

Working principle:

Beidou Agricultural Machinery Automatic Driving System uses Beidou satellite positioning technology combined with ground control stations to achieve automatic vehicle navigation. The specific workflow is as follows:

(1) Satellite signal reception: 

The Beidou agricultural machinery automatic navigation system is equipped with a Beidou satellite receiving antenna, which can receive Beidou satellite signals.

(2) Signal processing: 

The system processes the received Beidou satellite signals and calculates the current position, driving direction, speed and other information of the Self-Driving Navigation Tractor.

(3) Path planning: 

The system will automatically plan the best path based on the operating scope and terrain conditions set by the user.

(4) Command delivery: 

The system delivers the planned path information to the vehicle controller.

(5) Vehicle control: 

The vehicle controller controls the automatic navigation of the vehicle according to the received instructions and completes the corresponding tasks.

Huida 408 agricultural machinery automatic driving system realizes interactive upgrades in many aspects of the product, eliminating complex operations:

Self-Driving Navigation Tractor

1. The equipment is lighter:

The size of the satellite antenna is reduced by 60% and the roof space is saved by 70%

The weight of the wiring harness is reduced by 86% and the body space is saved by 75%.

Structural parts are pre-assembled at the factory, eliminating the need for on-site assembly and increasing installation efficiency by 30%.

2. Better user experience:

Adopt simple mode: large fonts and minimalist interactions, making operation easier.

Supports quick calibration and debugging of the crossover line: adjustments can be made at any time while the Self-Driving Navigation Tractor is running, and it will take effect immediately when it continues to run. There is no need to interrupt the operation, no on-site debugging, and no need to repeat measurements.

Supports one-click switching between day and night mode: night work is still clearly visible.

3. Huida three-dimensional signal solution:

HD201 portable mobile base station

Satellite/ground integrated differential technology

Dual SIM dual standby seamless switching

4. Orange Heart service is by your side:

Comprehensive: Mobile app provides comprehensive remote device diagnostics and debugging

100+: 100+ self-built service stations across the country, and there are also many service stations overseas. The manufacturer directly serves users.

7*24: 7*24 hours service hotline professional and technical personnel telephone follow-up

Mobile Support: “Orange” Heart Service Senior Engineer Team Mobile Support during Busy Farming Periods

5. Product-level function expansion

The Agricultural Machinery Automatic Driving System allows users to collaborate with different functional modules to achieve multiple product-level function expansions, allowing one machine to be used for multiple purposes, saving operational equipment investment costs and Self-Driving Navigation Tractor space.

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