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Selection Of Oil-Powered Multi-Rotor Drones And Electric Drones

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Farming Drones, also known as agricultural drones or ag-drones, are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) specifically designed for use in farming and farming practices. Agricultural drones are also divided into oil-powered multi-rotor agricultural drones and Agricultural Plant Protection Drone. Huida Tech is specialized in electric drone HD540Pro Agricultural Drone. This article describes how to choose between oil-powered multi-rotor agricultural drones and electric agricultural drones.

Farming Drone

When choosing between oil-powered multi-rotor agricultural drones and electric agricultural drones, there are several factors to consider:

Oil-powered multi-rotor agricultural drone:

- Endurance:

One of the main advantages of oil-powered multi-rotor drones is their longer flight endurance compared to electric drones. Gas-powered drones can usually stay in the air for longer periods of time (1-3 hours) without needing to recharge or change batteries.

- Payload capacity:

Oil-powered drones usually have a higher payload capacity (50KGS-70KGS), which means they can carry heavier equipment or carry multiple payloads at the same time. This feature makes them ideal for applications requiring a variety of sensors, cameras or specialized equipment.

- Availability:

These drones have been widely used for many years and are readily available in the market. This availability means there are more options, and maintenance and spare parts are relatively easy to find.

Electric Agricultural Drones:

- Environmental impact:

Agricultural Plant Protection Drones are more environmentally friendly as they do not emit greenhouse gases or contribute to air pollution. If you prioritize sustainability and want to minimize your carbon footprint, an electric drone might be a better fit.

- Easier and quieter operation:

Electric drones produce significantly less noise than oil-powered drones. This property is beneficial in applications that require stealth or when operating in noise-sensitive areas. Because the electric UAV has a powerful flight control system, the pilot can operate the electric UAV more simply and quickly, which lowers the threshold for use and requires a lower operating level for the pilot.

- Ease of use and maintenance:

Agricultural Plant Protection Drones are generally easier to operate and maintain as they have fewer moving parts and do not require the frequent oil and filter changes associated with internal combustion engines.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your specific use case, such as required flight endurance, payload capacity, environmental concerns, and noise considerations. Evaluating these factors will help determine the type of Farming Drone that best suits your needs. Next, the author will take Huida Tech's electric drone HD540Pro Agricultural Drone as an example to introduce you to the electric agricultural drone:

Electric Agricultural Plant Protection Drone

- Larger loads, higher efficiency

HD540PRO agricultural UAV adopts 6-rotor layout design, which makes driving more stable, stronger wind resistance, easy to control, 40L spraying load, and supports 60L (50KG) spreading box at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency.

- Adjustable mist spray system

HD540Pro Agricultural Drone is equipped with four centrifugal nozzles, the atomization particle size can be adjusted from 50 microns to 500 microns, and the atomization particle size can be adjusted according to your needs. The maximum spray width is 10M, and the maximum flow rate is 14L/MIN.

- Fast charging

30000mah, 18S large-capacity smart battery, supports 9-minute fast charging (charge from 30% to 90%), no need to wait for cycle operation.

- 360° Rotating radar

The 360° rotating radar enables HD540Pro Agricultural Drone to avoid obstacles efficiently. 360°matrix spraying, no dead angle is left in the operation, and the penetrating power is stronger.

- Front and rear dual FPV cameras

Visible work, more secure, no delay in transmission. Front binocular high-definition camera, real-time monitoring and archiving operation records, according to the whole life cycle of crops, combined with digital statistical analysis, can realize precise variable operation and scientific management, such as crop variable fertilization, intelligent drip irrigation, cotton defoliant spraying, pests and diseases Prevention and control, agricultural machinery and tools, and manpower management of agricultural materials are the best choices for new agricultural workers.

- Night flight lighting system

Farming Drone is equipped with high-intensity searchlights, which can work day and night.

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