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Princess Sirindhorn Gained An In-depth Understanding of Our Innovations

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#Nan Province, Thailand — At the "The 1st International Agricultural Forum" , Huida Technology proudly showcased our cutting-edge agricultural technology. Introduced by the Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Han Zhiqiang, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn had an in-depth understanding of our innovations in the field of #smartagriculture and #sustainable development, and expressed great interest in our advanced smart agriculture solutions.

Many of our agricultural technology products have been fully verified in the Thai market. In the future, Huida Technology will continue to strengthen agricultural cooperation between China and Thailand, promote industry exchanges, and further support the sustainable development of agriculture in Thailand and the world.

#AgricultureDrone#AutosteeringKit #Navigationautopilot#SmartFarm#FutureFarm #Huidatech#sustainableagriculture

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