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Our Products Become The Focus of The Novi Sad Agricultural Fair

Views: 0     Author: Huida Tech     Publish Time: 2024-05-22      Origin: Site


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At the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, our star product - "HD408# Navigation Agricultural Machinery Autopilot Steering System" became the focus of the audience and attracted countless attention.

In #Serbia, the HD408 autopilot steering system has always been popular as the first choice to assist #agricultural production, and this time, everyone has experienced its powerful functions up close, including precise #steering systems and efficient field operation capabilities, etc., Huida Technology’s GNSS RTK correction solution further improves #navigation accuracy and reliability.

Many customers expressed their strong intention to cooperate at the exhibition, which is undoubtedly the greatest recognition of our products and technology. We sincerely invite more partners to join #Huida Technology and jointly promote the development of intelligent agriculture.


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