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Huida Tech Cooperates with ЛегендАгро Приморье to Empower Russian Agriculture

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Russian Agriculture

ЛегендАгро Приморье is a multinational agricultural resource integration operator focusing on Russia and the CIS region. At present, a vertical agricultural industry chain integrating planting, grain drying, warehousing, logistics, port transshipment, and international trade has been formed in Russia.

Russia has a vast area of arable land and fertile soil. Combining its own development with the efficiency and production increase of Russian agriculture, ЛегендАгро Приморье selected Huida Tech as a comprehensive strategic partner in the Far East region after multiple rounds of inspections and comparisons. Leveraging the territorial resources of ЛегендАгро Приморье and the regional sales layout experience and competitiveness of Huida Tech’s customers, we will jointly lay out the Far East sales network, establish a territorial display, service and accessories center, and quickly achieve product verification by accelerating the transfer efficiency of products and accessories. The matching with services has played a vital role in empowering ЛегендАгро Приморье in the Far East agricultural market and comprehensively improving the scientific and technological attributes of agricultural machinery.

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