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There is a rule, there is a way Huida Tech built a standardized smart farm

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On May 14, 2022, Xu Qin, secretary of the Heilongjiang, also conducted an in-depth investigation on Heilongjiang Huida Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Secretary Xu learned about Huida Tech's research and development of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment

Secretary Xu expressed his appreciation to Heilongjiang Huida Technology Development Co., Ltd. for more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of smart agriculture. He said: "There is a vast black land and modern large-scale agriculture in Heillongjiang. The industry is included in the strategic emerging industry system, and the development of "digital + agriculture" has rich scenarios and broad prospects. You must always adhere to the drive of innovation, develop intelligent agricultural machinery equipment and agricultural intelligent network operation models, promote agricultural digitalization, and be a good solution for modern agriculture in the digital age The "navigator" of China will add support to the construction of independent innovation demonstration zones."

In the process of Huida Technology's upgrading from agricultural mechanization to digitalization, we proposed Huida's own smart farm operation mode, realized a series of standards for crop cultivation and management, and actively promoted and explored the application of key technologies for collaborative improvement of water, fertilizer, soil, and crops. It can increase production, reduce costs and achieve high-quality development in field planting. At the same time, the information collection, analysis, early warning and management of agricultural machinery equipment, intelligent irrigation systems, plant protection drones, automatic navigation equipment, and sensor equipment are matched with key indicators of crop growth. Through intelligent control, the production planning and management of farms are accurately managed. Execution, grid-based land management, covering the application of the whole process of "cultivation management and harvest" in agricultural work.

Smart farm renderings

Huida Technology adheres to the original intention and continues to build. We established branches in Xinjiang province, increased production lines, and built our own smart farm. Real knowledge comes from practice. Only by doing it personally and experiencing every planting link in person can we be able to output standardized planting solutions.

Exhibition Hall of Xinjiang Branch

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