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Self-Operated Standardized Farm

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Self-Operated Standardized Farm

Relying on Huida's mature and complete software and hardware system, the most practical verified unmanned farm solution.

Mainly focusing on the five major systems of standardization of agricultural operations, visualization of agronomic standards, workshop-based farmland facilities, professionalization of farmers' operations, and lean farm management, we achieve large-scale efficient planting management in large fields, and the quality, cost, delivery, and safety of the entire planting production process are controllable in a closed loop. So that large-area planting and production can achieve the goal of stabilizing production and reducing costs. To achieve the above goals, Huida can provide standard agronomic libraries, regional and other factors to provide the best growth model, smart agricultural machinery to solve the full mechanization program of the tillage management and harvesting process, standardized field management and drone rapid field patrol system and real-time monitoring system of growth status. , precision irrigation system and automated water and fertilizer system, a complete system solution for systematic and precise control of water and fertilizer to ensure that large-scale planting achieves the goals of stable production, cost reduction, and process controllability.

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