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Huida Tech cooperate with Yuexiu Huishan Dairy

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On April 25th, at the Yuexiu Huishan Agricultural Planting Base in Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, 16 agricultural machinery equipped with Huida Auto-steer System drove on the cultivated land, leaving behind straight lines, a picture of agricultural machinery The modernized and automated spring plowing map is slowly unfolding... Yuexiu Huishan joined hands with Huida Technology to jointly press the "start button" on 27,000 hectares of agricultural land, officially entering the spring plowing time.

Huida Tech assisted Yuexiu Huishan in its agricultural digital transformation. 149 vehicles equipped with Huida agricultural machinery auto-steer system, distributed in nine major agricultural planting areas including Shenyang, Faku, Kangping, Xifeng, and Yixian. , used in sowing, spraying, cultivating, harvesting and other links. After installing the automatic driving navigation system, the operation quality and production efficiency have been greatly improved. According to relevant statistics, the average farming efficiency has increased by 20%.

With the popularization of auto-steer systems, Huida Technology further builds a smart agricultural management platform for Yuexiu Huishan to build an efficient field agricultural production system, based on the whole process of mechanization and digital plots as the core, to jointly promote the digital economy and physical Deep economic integration, so as to realize the digital integration of the whole industrial chain.

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