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Government Corn Yield Improvement Project

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Government corn yield improvement project - laying "capillaries" to open up the "meridians" of black soil.

Government corn yield improvement project

Integrated water and fertilizer technology is applied to 310,000 acres of dry land in Tailai County, Heilongjiang. The project implementation cost is 36 million yuan. The corn grown uses a planting model of large ridges and double rows, shallow burial drip irrigation, and integrated water and fertilizer. Farm work that originally required 5 people to complete , now one person can complete it, and it is as simple as pressing a button. Compared with traditional field planting methods, this technology can save 40% of water, more than 80% of fertilizers, and the average yield per mu can increase by more than 10%. From the past "bombing" fertilization and flood irrigation to today's integration of water and fertilizer, agricultural science and technology has changed traditional farming methods.

Intelligent irrigation system, a complete intelligent software and hardware solution, improves the yield and quality of crops through precise control of water and fertilizer. It has been applied to nearly one million acres of fertile land, saving 30% of agricultural water, reducing labor costs by 80%, and increasing output by 5%~ 20%, using technology to help growers improve their investment return rate.

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