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CHEONPUNG CO., LTD Became a Distributor Starting with HD540Pro

Views: 0     Author: Huida Tech     Publish Time: 2023-09-12      Origin: Site

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CHEONPUNG CO., LTD Became a Distributor

CHEONPUNG CO., LTD is located in South Korea and has more than 20 years of experience in agricultural machinery sales. It started the research and development, production, and sales of drones in 2016.

With the rapid iteration of Chinese drones and its complete supply chain advantages, CHEONPUNG CO., LTD's products are gradually losing market competitiveness. In order to seize market share, CHEONPUNG CO., LTD innovated its model and introduced Huida Tech's agricultural drone HD540Pro through a transformational agency method. As a self-developed product of Huida Tech, HD540Pro has independent controllable quality control and performance improvement, is simple to operate, and has a series of functions such as sowing, spraying pesticides, and fertilizing. Once it entered the market, its superior product performance and competitiveness were verified by the market. The deepening of running-in, unified services, and diverse products allows customers to firmly develop the company's business with the Huida Tech brand as the core business, and gradually introduce other Huida Tech products such as agricultural machinery automatic driving systems and intelligent irrigation systems to achieve full agency and become A major distributor of Huida Tech in South Korea.

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