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Improving Efficiency and Accuracy: Automated Tractor Steering in Precision Agriculture

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Precision Agriculture has become a game-changer in modern agriculture, where maximizing yields and minimizing inputs is crucial. In recent years, the Tractor Automatic Steering System has become a valuable tool in achieving these goals by increasing productivity, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the use of automatic tractor steering in precision agriculture and how the Automatic Steering Tractor is revolutionizing agricultural operations.

Tractor automatic steering systems are widely used in precision agricultural decision-making due to their high accuracy, field information management and sharing, making farming simpler and more efficient. HD540Pro Agricultural Drone also makes crop management simpler in precision agriculture.

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Introduction to precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is an agricultural management strategy that assists farmers in making agricultural management decisions. Precision agriculture helps farmers make faster and 

more accurate decisions to increase yields and profitability by observing and measuring crop and field information, and analyzing the information obtained through analytical tools.

Precision agriculture enables centralized management of farmland by processing and analyzing information collected over time, space and individuals. Through overall control of farmland conditions, managers can make diversified management decisions for zoned farmland, including adjusting fertilizer amounts, farming time, optimizing technology, etc., ultimately improving production efficiency, production quality, farmers' profits and economic benefits.

On a technical level, precision agriculture uses Beidou navigation technology or GPS technology. This navigation and positioning technology plays an extremely important role in precision agriculture.

The goals of precision agriculture

Precision agriculture strives to produce more products with fewer resource costs while maintaining excellent quality standards.

Precision agriculture can optimize farmers’ workflows and resources, thereby reducing consumption and waste and increasing land productivity. Precision agricultural management makes the process faster and more efficient, thereby reducing production costs. This results in higher income and socioeconomic status of agricultural workers.

Precision agriculture enables more rational use of resources and reduces the waste and emissions of chemicals such as fertilizers and herbicides. The application of precision agriculture effectively reduces soil compaction and prevents soil degradation, which makes the land sustainable.

Advantages of automatic steering in precision agriculture

Tractor Automatic Steering System is an intelligent tractor navigation system that can accurately complete agricultural operations according to presets and avoid human errors. This makes farm work more accessible and reduces tractor driver involvement while allowing the tractor to complete its work with high precision. Automatic steering tractors have the following benefits:

1. Free the driver's hands and reduce driver fatigue

Driving tractors and other agricultural equipment for long periods of time is a very tiring job for drivers. And the driver needs to stay awake at all times to ensure that the tractor does not deviate from the route and damage the crops. Especially in large fields, repetitive agricultural operations are more likely to make drivers feel fatigued. The Automatic Steering Tractor can help the driver monitor and control the direction. The driver can clearly understand the current operation situation by paying attention to the display screen.

2. Reduce operating costs

Automatic tractor steering avoids overlapping agricultural operations and keeps the tractor accurately following a preset route. It effectively avoids the waste of seeds and fertilizers and reduces the cost of seeds, fertilizers and other materials. Self-steering tractors speed up operations, thereby significantly reducing labor costs.

3. Improve production quality and quantity

By avoiding the excessive use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides in overlapping areas, Automatic Steering Tractor can spread fertilizers and pesticides to each crop as planned, thereby maximizing plant health and improving the quality and quantity of production.

Automatic Steering Tractor

Autonomous driving applied to precision agriculture

1.GNSS+RTK high-precision guidance

Both the Beidou satellite positioning system and the steering system have greatly improved the efficiency and productivity in the field of precision agriculture.

Using technologies such as GNSS, agricultural machinery during agricultural operations can be positioned. This prevents overlaps or deviations during operations. Areas that are diverted may suffer from reduced yields or pathogen attacks because they do not have access to adequate agrochemicals. It is also worth noting that overlapping areas not only increase consumption and costs, but also make it possible for crops to wilt from receiving excess amounts of agrochemicals.

HD408 Autopilot Navigation System is a high-precision Beidou guidance automatic steering system equipped with GNSS+RTK. By using this automatic steering, the tractor can follow a preset route with minimal or zero error, saving time and fuel. The tractor guidance system enables farmers to plant and manage crops in a faster and more efficient manner.

2. Electric steering wheel + wheel angle sensor, precise steering

The tractor's automatic steering system is equipped with electric wheels and wheel angle sensors to achieve precise steering of the tractor. This reduces the workload of driving the tractor so the driver is free to focus on other aspects of the job.

3. System scalability

HD408 Autopilot Navigation System supports expansion of satellite leveling system, operation monitoring system, rice transplanter automatic driving system, agricultural machinery unmanned driving system, and multi-functional portable treasure.

Precision agriculture will also become more commonly used on farms. Tractor Automatic Steering System allows farm workers to efficiently manage farmland through diversified information and various automated procedures.

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