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HUIDA TECH And Agri Fly Join Hands to Empower Smart Agriculture Transformation in Vietnam

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Đồng Tháp, Vietnam, September 11, 2023 -- Heilongjiang Huida Technology Co., Ltd. (“Huida Tech”), a leading Chinese manufacturer of agricultural drones, tractor guidance systems, and autopilot systems, has signed a strategic partnership with Agri Fly, top dealer of Huida Tech drones for agricultural production in Đồng Tháp, Vietnam, with the aim of applying the most advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies to enhance Vietnamese agriculture. This partnership opens a new chapter of global smart agriculture cooperation and empowers the intelligent transformation of agriculture in Vietnam with innovative technologies.

Huida Tech and Agri Fly collaborate to revolutionize agriculture in Vietnam.

Huida Tech and Agri Fly collaborate to revolutionize agriculture in Vietnam

“As a comprehensive and integrated smart agriculture solution provider, Huida Tech relies on our strong R&D capabilities and supply chain advantages with a strong focus on product innovation and promoting global intelligent advancement of the industry, and together with Agri Fly, we're excited to bring new smart agriculture technologies to support the transformation of Vietnam's traditional agriculture leading into an era of precise, automated, and intelligent development,” said Faye Liang, head of Huida Tech in Vietnam.

Huida Tech is dedicated to researching, developing, and manufacturing advanced agricultural equipment for cultivation, management, and harvesting. Huida Tech is constantly improving its R&D and production systems and building a global sales and service network by drawing on years of agriculture experience and a deep understanding of smart agricultural equipment operational needs.

Innovative products and solutions to empower smart agriculture

Huida Tech HD540Pro agricultural UAV with comprehensive, stable, and reliable performance is now available in Vietnam. Huida Tech has self-developed main components, optimized spraying and spreading operation systems to adapt to more application scenarios, and made major advances in radar and vision sensing systems for easy operation and improved safety.

Defining the future farm with innovative technologies, Huida Tech also offers the integrated HD408 autopilot navigation system with modular design in Vietnam, the third-generation solution has high adaptability in assisting farm machinery to follow set routes and operate accurately. Independently developed and produced by Huida Tech, over 30,000 units of HD408 have been installed worldwide and assisted farm machinery operation in a total of 40 million acres of farmland.

The HD408 is capable of delivering 1.5cm accuracy in challenging conditions and at night. It has intelligent systems developed by Huida Tech, including an autopilot system for precise operations, a leveling system for automatic land leveling, and a job monitoring feature for analyzing job performance.

Premium technical and service support to safeguard smart farming

As part of its international market layout strategy, Huida Tech provides global customers with comprehensive technical support and on-site coordination through professional after-sales support. Huida Tech sent technicians and regional managers to Vietnam in August to set up operations and meet with local customers as part of the Agri Fly cooperation.

Meanwhile, Huida Tech has invested a total of 160 million yuan (US$ 22 million) into R&D over the past three years, which accounted for 28.54 percent of cumulative operating income.

“With the fastest business growth rate of agricultural drone drones in the industry, Huida Tech has competitive advantages in both technological versatility and scaled production that leads to faster product iteration and guarantees supply chain quality,” said Chen Qidong, Vice President of Huida Tech.

As a provider of comprehensive smart agricultural solutions with strong R&D capabilities and supply chain advantages, Huida Tech thrives to lead the next revolution of the industry driven by innovation, and sharing the new smart agricultural technologies with global users to achieve elaborate, automatic, and intelligent development of the agriculture industry, and to build a better future for all with partners from around the world who are working closely together towards the same goal.

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SOURCE: Huida Tech

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