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He Zhongyou, Deputy Secretary of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and his colleagues visited Huida Science and Technology Yuli County Standardized Digital Farming Factory Demonstration Base

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On July 27, 2022, He Zhongyou, Deputy Secretary of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Manglik, Vice Chairman of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Government, and other 14 colleagues, visited Huida Technology's standardized digital planting factory demonstration at Yuli county. Zhu Haitao, general manager of Huida Technology Xinjiang Branch,  accompanied the whole process and gave a detailed report on the spot.

Li Zhonghua, Secretary of the Yuli County Party Committee delivered a speech

During the meeting, Secretary Li also pointed out that there is a vast land area in Yuli County, which is very suitable for planting and the application of technology in agriculture. However, soils in Yuli County was relatively saline-alkali, sandy soil, low in nutrients, and the ability to retain water and fertilizer was not good enough. So it was an opportunity for our agriculture technology company.

Zhu Haitao reported the work results to the Deputy Secretary of the Autonomous Region

At the demonstration meeting, Zhu Haitao introduced the use of the smart farm management platform to the leaders, demonstrated drone flight operations, and reported the growth of cotton in Huida Technology's standardized farm. Huida Technology's construction plan for standardized smart farm management, through intelligent The sensor transmits relevant data such as soil moisture content to the smart agricultural management platform, and the management platform assumes the role of "brain center", informs the field managers of data summary and analysis, and finally sends instructions to the smart agricultural machinery to form data sharing and interconnection of all things. Mode, digital management of the operation process, and intelligent agricultural machinery can effectively guarantee the consistency of operation quality, improve efficiency and quality while reducing cost and operational difficulty.

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