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Heilongjiang Huida Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is the earliest manufacturer in China to conduct Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipmentoperation detection. For over a decade, Huida Company has focused on combining artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Beidou technology with smart agriculture, and improving agricultural production efficiency and management level through information technology. It is a leading enterprise in the high-end intelligent Agricultural Machinery and equipment industry. To learn about agricultural drone price, please feel free to contact us~

In 2017, the country implemented the rural revitalization strategy and advocated the implementation of smart agriculture. Since then, the No.1 central document has mentioned "smart agriculture" every year and pressed the fast forward button for "smart agriculture". Huida Company keeps up with the times and focuses its research on how to help farmers improve agricultural efficiency.

In 2018, relying on the enthusiasm of scientific researchers to work hard and blaze new trails, Huida's Intelligent Agricultural Machinery EquipmentTractor Autopilot Navigation System was released. As long as farmers put Huida's intelligent detection system outside the Agricultural Machinery and set the navigation route, the unmanned Agricultural Machinery will automatically stabilize and accurately sow, and can also accurately monitor the depth and area of cultivated land in real time, judge the amount of straw baled, and determine the dosage of medicine.

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The Agricultural Machinery Beidou navigation auto drive system system has effectively solved various precision problems in traditional tractor operation, improved Agricultural Machinery operation efficiency, operation quality and land utilization rate, promoted production and income increase, and also solved the problem that Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipment autopilot products have been monopolized by foreign countries for many years. Once launched into the market, it has harvested a large number of farmers' fans, and Beidou navigation has become a planting artifact in the hearts of farmers.

Farmers sincerely admire the changes brought by the power of technology to their operations. "In the past, relying on manpower, now relying on technology, this smart agriculture can increase the utilization of 5-6 acres of land per 30 hectares of operation, which can be at least 40 hectares more sown every day than manually driving agricultural machinery." Currently, Huida Technology's intelligent system has an annual shipment volume of about 100000 units, covering over 450 million acres of farmland. Huida Technology has also become the largest agricultural technology company in the field of Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipment in China.

At the Heilongjiang Digital Economy Exhibition Area of the 2022 World 5G Conference, Huida Company showcased a high-tech precision agriculture big data cloud platform that simulated and displayed the real-time monitoring scene of the Heilongjiang Agricultural Machinery Dispatching Command Center. It is understood that the agricultural regulatory department can see information such as crop growth and planting area through the display screen, which plays a role in assisting decision-making.

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On the display wall of Huida Company, a set of data records the rapid development of agricultural technology innovation that Huida Technology has accelerated in just six years: its products cover 30 provincial-level administrative regions across the country, radiate over 28000 cooperatives, manage over 100000 Agricultural Machinery equipment, and have a total detection area of 450 million acres. The Beidou Navigation Autonomous Driving Product Line ranked first in the market for total shipment volume in 2021.

Deputy General Manager Chu Haibo said that after more than ten years of experience and technological accumulation, Huida has initially achieved automation and intelligent improvement in the entire process of "cultivation, management, and harvesting" of field planting. It is leading in the design of intelligent terminal systems, Agricultural Machinery operation quality monitoring and sensing technology, vehicle networking technology, and autonomous driving technology based on Beidou navigation.

In recent years, Huida Company has established a connection between farmers and the government, providing relevant data basis for government departments and farmers. It has participated in the development of the group standard "Technical Requirements for Remote Monitoring System of Agricultural Machinery Deep Loosening and Land Preparation Operation" of the China Agricultural Mechanization Association, formulated the enterprise standard for the deep loosening detection system straw return detection system, and led the development of the local standard "Technical Requirements for Remote Monitoring System Application of Agricultural Machinery Operation DB23" in Heilongjiang Province, And as a leading enterprise to tackle major research and development projects in artificial intelligence.

The report of the 13th Provincial Party Congress includes the Intelligent Agricultural Machinery industry in the strategic emerging industry system, with rich scenarios and broad prospects for the development of "digital+agriculture". Chu Haibo said, "In the future, Huida Company will take the initiative to take on the challenges brought by the integration of technology and agriculture, continue to use hard technology products such as navigation and drones to provide hardware support for precision agriculture, use digital technology to build more efficient sales and service systems, and continue to lead the industry in terms of technology. Continue to deeply cultivate the market, continue to promote technological innovation in agriculture, and enable every farmer to enjoy the fruits of smart agriculture.

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